Free Candy!

Cognitive Candy accepts ChainChecks.

ChainCheck is a digital currency I created to put IBM Blockchain technology use. You get ChainChecks by filling out my survey form and you can redeem them by “talking” to Candy.  Want to try it out? here’s the steps:

Step 1:

Get your ChainCheck here (seem form on this page)

Step 2:

Watch your ChainCheck in the IBM Blockchain, here

Step 3:

Redeem – talk to Candy and tell her you have a chaincheck. See World of Watson hours below, or when in Austin,tell Igor to bring her to the office, so you can talk to her and get your candy!  … powered by IBM Blockchain technology 🙂

Survey Form

First name:

Last name:


What's your Favorite Color? :
PIN Code:

When you click the button we'll send your ChainCheck via email.

World of Watson 2016


  • Monday 10/24:  8am-10am and 2pm-4pm
  • Tuesday 10/25:  1pm-3pm
  • Wednesday 10/26:  3pm-5pm

Where: Cognitive Concourse, Stand CB24